Friday, July 29, 2011


Some of the Maxi-card that I did, would like to share with u all. Enjoy =), Please comment if u feel so.........
Philatelic should be fun & creative, for me maxicard should not necessary be postcard to create one, any card or material that suit the theme could be used.What I did was I use the little info card about The Standhuys Complex published by Melaka Tourism official for tourist to Melaka.



Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Traditional Transportation FDC

Front & back view of the FDC.

Before the days of automobiles,there are various modes of transportation used by the people of Malaya, Malaysia (Now). These form of transportation are bought by people of different culture and backgrounds in Malaya during that time,but with the same purpose of getting people around.

Trishaw (Beca)
Originated from Parit Jawa, Muar Johor. Painted in green, red, black & yellow, the favourite colours of the era. The hood made of canvas, can easily be opened or closed when necessary. The seat is made from coconut husk and is complete with a backrest. It can carry two adult passengers & one or two children.

Rickshaw (Lanca)
Two-wheeled rickshaw normally used by the rich Babas & Nyonyas in Malacca. It needed a strong man to pull the rickshaw around town, usually with only one passenger, for a leisure ride and to go shopping.

Padi Horse (Kuda Padi)
It's synonymous with the Bajau community in Kota Belud, Sabah and serve as a family's status. Famous & influential family would usually own many horses. The padi horse is used as mode of transportation to the padi fields or towns, as well as for the village head to patrol the village. It's also ridden during important social functions or celebrations like weddings & the annual Tamu Besar event.

Bullock Cart (Kereta Lembu)
It was used since the 1400's, & it's believed to have been introduced by the Indian community of Malacca. Besides, being used to carry passenger, it's also used to carry goods. A pair of healthy bulls were usually hitched to pull the cart.

One of my many collection, those who are interested to have it can email me at :, about the price or PM me at my FB inbox

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Expect more for the coming weeks =)

It has been quiet a while since my last post, been busy with studies and project in my university. Sorry to those of you who expected much more from me, while now I'm back to hometown and here what you can expect for the coming weeks, I'm ready to blog more often and equip you with the latest info and collection of mine. The amount of letters and postcard from all other collectors had occupied parts of my room stacking like a mountain high since early this year had caught my mum's attention and warning to throw it away or I tidy it up. So here u are, I'll be cleaning up the mess after my one week trip to KL, Johor and Singapore. So, stay tune for more updates, as I will share with you some of the postcard I receive from our friends through all parts of the world. =)

Saturday, February 14, 2009

About Myself


       I have just started my very own blog.First of all let me introduce myself:

My name is Andrew Lee and I'm 19 years old.Currently I'm still studying.

I live in a small town in Pahang,Malaysia call Benta.

I have a strong interest in collecting Stamps,FDCs, Minature sheets and other Philatelic Material.

Collecting and exchanging stamps had been favorite past time and hobbies seen I was 7 years old.

I have gain this interest from my grandfather who taught me a lot about stamps and philatelic.

I also love to travel,I have been to other countries like Thailand and Singapore,but currently I keen to travel around Malaysia.I would always post letter or postcard back to myself when I travel to each destination.

I would be very pleased to befriend with other people who share the same interest with me especially those in other countries so that I could expand my relationship with others.