Saturday, February 14, 2009

About Myself


       I have just started my very own blog.First of all let me introduce myself:

My name is Andrew Lee and I'm 19 years old.Currently I'm still studying.

I live in a small town in Pahang,Malaysia call Benta.

I have a strong interest in collecting Stamps,FDCs, Minature sheets and other Philatelic Material.

Collecting and exchanging stamps had been favorite past time and hobbies seen I was 7 years old.

I have gain this interest from my grandfather who taught me a lot about stamps and philatelic.

I also love to travel,I have been to other countries like Thailand and Singapore,but currently I keen to travel around Malaysia.I would always post letter or postcard back to myself when I travel to each destination.

I would be very pleased to befriend with other people who share the same interest with me especially those in other countries so that I could expand my relationship with others.